Risk Assessment In The Workplace

Safety for employees must be a high priority for any business. Making sure your place of business complies with Occupational Health & Safety regulations also ensures you reduce the chance of accidents - and fines for non-compliance!

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It is estimated that slip and fall accidents cost at least $3 billion dollars each year in Australia.

At Neverslip International, we understand that most accidents will occur under hazardous conditions.  Because of this we undertake a risk assessment to establish any potential problem areas, and arrive at the best solution for the circumstances. 

We'll identify examples of slip hazards, spillage, presence of wet and dry substances, changes from  dry to wet floor surfaces, slopes and changes of level,  poor lighting and miscellaneous problems, including incorrect footwear, and other hazards relating to lack of cleaning and maintenance.

slip hazards can be fixed with the right solution

Our non-slip treatment, and where needed,  food safe treatments will help you to address any of your concerns with workplace safety relating to floors, by providing a safe workplace for your staff and customers.

Your Non-Slip Floor Surface Safety Specialists!

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